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  Since 2021, the international environment is still complex and severe in spite of the recovery trend for the world economy. China's iron and steel industry, always as a pillar of strength for the economy, has strongly supported the recovery and development of the Chinese economy. However, affected by the fluctuation of global commodity prices, the increase of the iron ore price has led to a sharp rise in the production costs for steel mills, and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain have also been facing greater pressure. China's iron and steel industry will give priority to ensuring the security and stability of the industrial and supply chain, and striving for high-quality and sustainable development .

  The 20th China Int'l Steel & Raw Materials Conference, themed as "Establishing a Sustainable Resource Security System and a Fair Pricing Mechanism", will bring together industry heavyweights to exchange views on market developments, elaborate on issues related to the current pricing mechanism and discuss how to expand cooperation to foster a sustainable and win-win industrial chain.

  The main topic areas that will be covered include:

  ♦ Current situation of global economy and future outlook;

  ♦ Operation and development prospect of China's iron and steel industry;

  ♦ Global steel and iron ore supply and demand dynamics;

  ♦ Chinese domestic iron ore production, expansion and development trend;

  ♦ Updates on operation and capacity expansion of world major iron ore suppliers;

  ♦ Latest development on emerging iron ore projects and investment opportunities;

  ♦ Performance of major steel mills and their raw materials procurement strategy;

  ♦ Updates on steel scrap industry and outlook for steel scrap utilization in China;

  ♦ Status quo of dry bulk shipping market and prospects;

  ♦ Progress on iron ore spot trading platform and development;

  ……and more